Bon Odori

July 18, 2010

Yesterday was Bon Odori.I went to celebrate with my friends.We went to go home until 1a.m at the night.I think that was very fun in yesterday because I saw a lot of people wear Japanese suit the clothes my friends also wear this clothes.I also entered the haunted house too.That not so scared but my friends like a crazy girl they all shouted all the time.Ithink this was a good and nice memory in my life.



July 3, 2010

2/7/10(Friday) I went to Gurney with my friends.8pm at the night i had saw BY2 at Gurney.They 2 are so pretty.They just 18 year old.But they look so maturation.The next day I was sick,but still need to went to school.

Skill is important

June 29, 2010

Skill is important for every person?What do you think?
Even any thing must have the basic skills?
If a person din have any basic skill for the thing,then he or she will do better than the person have a basic skill?
All the successful person already have the basic knowledge for what they doing for their future.
Skill can let a person become a successful person or it just nothing for help.
Who give us all about the basic skill or we just learn with with our self.


January 31, 2010

Yesterday  amanda, jia vin and i went to gurney saw Yoga 林宥嘉…

He was very smart……Tonight he stay at g-hotel..

Today the all traffic problem are very bad because 2day is “大宝森“

Very smart right…